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Cairns holiday tour

How to enjoy your Cairns holiday tour around Australia

Cairns holiday tour, a gateway to the Daintree rainforests, Port Douglas, and Great barrier reef, is one of the most interesting zones for tourists visiting Australia for their vacations. Cairns boasts vibrancy and modernization and is also perfect for people who are interested in exploring the tropical areas.  According to a study in Australia, Cairns is the fourth most coveted place to visit by tourists after Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Located near the Queensland Tropics and Great barrier reef, Cairns is a popular getaway for all the nature lovers. Whether it be Harbor cruises, Trekking in Rainforests, Reef tours or Wildlife, Cairns has a lot to offer for the people who are on the lookout for natural beauty and like to spend their vacations surrounded by natural resources.

Cairns holiday tour offers a variety of attractions for the tourists and ensures some of the best experiences and memories.Below are some of the best places one can choose to visit during the Cairns holidays.

  • Daintree Rainforests
  • Cairns Reef
  • KurandaMountain Range
  • Atherton Tablelands
  • Green Islands

These destinations are some of the most scenic beauties present in Australia and around the world and make up for a vacation that guarantees memories to last a life time. They have a lot of pleasurable activities to offer to the tourists including walking into peaceful rainforests, enjoying a boat trip in transparent waters or enjoying a panoramic view of nature in Kuranda region. The Cairns region is also known for the availability of a host of adventure activities such as Snorkelling, Boating, Para gliding, Scuba Diving, Hiking Rainforests and the like. It is thus an ideal place for adventure lovers to indulge in adventure amidst the scintillating scenery. Book online Sydney tour packages and choose to travel to Cairns for a lovely experience.

Below are some popular Cairns holiday tour activities that tourists can take up to enjoy their Cairns vacation:

  • Reef Tours InCairns: Great Barrier reef of Australia is one of the best coral reef systems in the world. It is also known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. There are Glass Boat tours available for tourists. They can also take a package which includes Shuttle bus transfers from the city, Glass boat tour, Scuba diving, and snorkeling at a very nominal cost. These boats ferry tourists to the safe locations for these adventure sports, and some of them also include lunch and dinner in the package. It is said that no holiday to Australia is complete if one has not visited the great barrier
  • Kuranda Region Tours: Kuranda tours are bliss for every nature lover’s soul. The best Australian holidays invariably include this natural delight.The best way advisable to enjoy the Kuranda tour is to combine this day tour with one way Scenic Rail trip which will take you through tunnels carved out of granite mountains and rainforests. You can use the Skyrail Gondola ride to come back as it is the best way which provides the most beautiful views of the natural beauty of Australia making this tour enjoyable for the entire family. Tourists can also visit the beautiful butterfly sanctuary and Koala gardens situated in Kuranda Village.
  • DaintreeRainforests: Daintree Rainforests are one of the oldest rainforests in the world. TheDaintree Rainforests coastline is full of breath taking scenic views and the day tours include river boat cruises down the river line guided by an experienced naturalist guide to see the snakes, crocodiles, a butterfly sanctuary and many other species. One can witness amazing Australia wildlife through safaris and even feed kangaroos. You can also take a natural Broadway rainforest walk or hike to enjoy the nature at its best.
  • Atherton Tablelands: Situated in the south of Cairns, AthertonTablelands consist of waterfalls and water holes which are perfect for spending a day swimming in the natural cool waters of these water holes. This destination is enjoyed greatly by adults and kids alike for its peaceful surroundings and friendly atmosphere.Atherton Tablelands is a great destination that you must visit for mesmerizing views and unlimited fun.
  • Green Islands: Green islands are situated approximately 17 miles east of Cairns and are truly believed to be a paradise. they are abundant in unique sea creatures and house an extremely colorful coral They also have a white sand beach. Tourists can reach there by ferry or glass bottomed boats and relish the sea diversity.Tour Guides also provides a snorkeling demos, and people who don’t know about this sport can also do it with the help of a guide. This place is ideal for tourists who want to spend their day Sightseeing, Snorkelling or just relaxing.

 For the people who love to have a peaceful holiday mixed with some adventures, Gold Coast – Cairns is an ideal place to visit as it offers a mixed bag of scintillating experiences by virtue of rich flora and fauna diversity, scenic beauty and adventure sports. The serenity of the place will leave you awestruck and you are sure to remember the trip forever. Book Sydney and Cairns holiday package and get ready to enjoy Australian wonders at their best.

The Best Honeymoon In Australia | Best Australian Holidays

Honeymoon In Australia

How  To Plan The Best Honeymoon In Australia

Make your honeymoon In Australia because Australia is the largest island nation in the world located at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean offering a myriad of landscapes, luxuriant rainforests, gorgeous mountain ranges, captivating desert, and pristine sea beaches.

For the newlywed couples who like to walk hand in hand on the wide beaches that stretch as far as the horizon and get drowned into the dazzling sunset to the couples who prefer to get buried into the rumpus of big captivating cities, Australia has it all.

Every region in Australia has that distinct charm and flavor that makes traveling through the country romantic, delightful and revitalizing. From intimate candlelight dinner under the swaying palm trees in the serene sea beaches to cuddling up together in the mountains, from private hot air balloons to gorgeous coral reefs, Australia is a matchless destination to plan the best honeymoon.

Log in today to book the best Australian holiday and get lost with your loved ones. With the varied choices available for the honeymooners in Australia let us see how to plan the best one.

The Whitsundays

For the couples who have dreamed of a picturesque honeymoon with just the two of them hand in hand under the sky on the sparsely populated island, their feet immersed in the turquoise water shadowed by the rocking palm trees, Whitsundays island is the perfect location.Whitsundays consist of 74 islands out of which only eight are inhabited providing the love birds with the retreat they desire for.

The couples can start off the day by exhilarating water sports like scuba diving to snorkeling and conclude it with the most romantic and private candle light dinner by the beachside with the soft breeze making it hard for them not to swoon into the loved one’s arms.


Queensland is the state of panoramic views that range from sunny tropical coastal areas, rich rainforests to dry inland areas and pleasant mountain ranges.

Queensland includes the popular city of Cairns also known as “Gateway to the Barrier Reef” where the tranquility loving honeymooners can enjoy a relaxing boat ride to the reef and discover all types of corals in the kaleidoscope of different colors providing the breathtaking view to them.

For the adventure loving honeymooners, Queensland provides the Gold Coast also referred to as “Australia’s Theme Park Capital” with five major amusement parks where couples can go for intoxicating skydiving experience to the hair raising roller coaster rides.

They can also enjoy the pleasant hot air balloon ride off the Gold coast and lose themselves in the divine beauty of landscapes.

New South Wales

For the couples whose idea of a perfect honeymoon is to cuddle up in the cozy cottages warmed by the heat of Bon fires amidst the gorgeous mountains and snow filled valleys, New South Wales is a perfect destination.

New South Wales offers the gorgeous mountain range known as “The Blue Mountain” which is just perfect to be visited at any time of the year.The summers are cool there, autumn is romantic with orange leaves crunching under the feet and winters are cold and cozy.

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is the oldest wine making region in Australia where the famous Penfolds Grange Hermitage was blended.The couples can enjoy a rustic atmosphere of the valley and unwind themselves with the delicious gourmet food, music and local festivals there.


Melbourne is a very vibrant and magnanimous city recognized for its mix of modern architecture, Victorian buildings and skyscrapers.It is filled with artfully contrived yet picturesque cafes and restaurants which give the Victorian aura to the honeymooners.

Melbourne provides the honeymooners with an exotic and extravagant option to spend a day under the stars with a movie screening, champagne in hands and great food to indulge in.

It is a perfect honeymoon destination amidst its bustling crowd with a hot cup of coffee in hand and a romantic stroll with the love of your life.


Sydney is a metropolitan city which surrounds the world’s largest natural Harbour.Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city, the honeymooners can create unforgettable romantic memories around Sydney’s beautiful Harbour, OperaHouse, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.They can also create the magical moment by taking a cruise on the Harbour and feel the sea air kiss them.

Book your Sydney tour package from India and experience the beauty of the smallest yet mesmerizing continent.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of the most popular tourist spot visited by almost 140,000 visitors every year.

This island is the sanctuary for wildlife and natural beauty where one can find high cliffs, huge sand dunes, hill caves and widely spread sea beaches.

For the honeymooners, no sight can be as romantic to witness Australian sea lions basking on the beaches and koalas dozing off on the tree tops.

Australia is an iconic destination which provides honeymooners with a variety of options for the best honeymoon. From the mesmerizing sea beaches to vivid landscapes, from dazzling cities and indigenous people to beautiful wildlife, Australia has everything to offer which can make the trip for honeymooners feel alive, intimate and tranquil. You can make your Sydney tour and trip package booking online and keep it as a base to explore Australia to its full potential.

Melbourne weekend tour | Best Australian Holidays

Melbourne weekend tour

Top 5 things to do on a Melbourne weekend tour in Australia

A vacation to Australia is incomplete without a visit to the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne weekend tour. It is likely that you already have it on your list as you plan a holiday to one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. Melbourne has something for everyone, from promising shopping sprees to lush and sprawling gardens to diverse wildlife. The historical remains add to the significance of this metropolitan city that boasts of modernity and panache. The modernization that can be attributed to Victorian architecture and numerous buildings by virtue of riches from surrounding goldfields.

Also called as the city for all seasons, Melbourne offers the opportunity to explore its hidden laneways and streets. An amalgamation of cultures, it exudes vibrancy and elegance at the first look and goes on to unfold numerous other dimensions of its beauty as you delve deeper.

While even a lot of time is not enough to experience every nook and cranny of the beautiful city, a weekend tour can still offer a great experience of the offerings of this amazing place. There are a bunch of activities that can be taken up on your visit, below are the top 5 that will leave you spellbound:

The sprawling botanical gardens

The Melbourne botanical gardens are a feast for the soul with their refreshing greenery and relieving location away from the hustle bustle of the city. They are located at the edge of the central business district thereby offering an opportunity to office employees to indulge in a jog around the garden. Great for a picnic, they are a refreshing place to visit on your weekend trip to Melbourne.

An abundance in the variety of plants divided into special segments offer the much-deserved respite from the bland city life and comes as a whiff of fresh air that is sure to enchant you for a long time after the trip. The sections such as the Australian forest walk, the arid garden, the tropical glasshouse contain beautiful shrubs and flowers.

Book Australia Tour package online today to experience the beauty of flora in its most natural form, beautified with specialist maintenance efforts at the botanical gardens.

Steal a bargain at the Queen Victoria market

Every holiday seems incomplete without some good shopping. Whether you want to satiate your shopper cravings or looking for utility stuff to pack for a picnic, the queen Victoria market in Melbourne has it all for you.

Your friends and family will be elated to receive lovely souvenirs that you buy at thrifty prices here. Fruits and vegetables, gourmet food and clothes, everything available here make for a delightful experience for a shopper’s appetite. The stalls and shops abound with Australian keepsakes than you can carry along as your memoirs from the trip. The Market has offerings to suit all budgets.

Don’t let hunger come in the way of splurging your heart out for QueenVic has ample delicious options for lunch. A food court with a plethora of cuisine options makes for a great place to fill the job while on the go. 

Book online Melbourne tour today and don’t forget to carry some extra bags and space in your luggage to come home stocked up with Australian delights.

Visit the Melbourne cricket ground to delight the sports fan in you

All sports fan must visit the birthplace of Test cricket. Deemed as one of the greatest sporting grounds in the world, this sporting arena offers an instant sense of pride thinking about numerous dreams that are realized here.

There is an opportunity to explore this historic venue at all times of the year. You can visit the special rooms as well as a part of your trip. Lucky visitors also get to visit the changing rooms. If you are enthusiastic about cricket as a game, the Cricket Victoria Bill Lawry Centre and the MCC Library are sure to make your visit to the MCG worthwhile.

The Puffing Billy train journey

Whether it is history that excites you or engineering or a simple train journey, Puffing Billy is going to amaze you beyond doubts. Kids will be excited to ride their own Thomas the tank engine. Counted amongst the best-preserved steam railways across the world, this almost a century old steam train runs through the magnificent scenery of the Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Gembrook.

 A full day trip from Melbourne, your journey through mountains and lush forests will leave your awestruck with drool worthy views of nature at its best. The final destination at the historic town of Gembrook offers other pleasures such as street wandering, food binging and grabbing souvenirs before embarking on the journey back.

Prepare to get mesmerized by the Mornington Peninsula

You may choose to spend a lazy weekend or choose to hike in the hinterlands. The MorningtonPeninsula is one of the best day trips from Melbourne. Kids will have a ball at the Ashcombe or while picking berries. The wine connoisseurs can have a great time with some gourmet lunch and good wine. Long sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters assure unlimited fun.

A dinner along the Southbank promenade or a good meal on the Colonial Tramcar, whatever you choose, Melbourne has it all to keep you happy high. And this is not all, there are a couple of other recreational activities to choose from and beautiful small towns nearby to visit. While a weekend isn’t enough for this lovely place, there is a lot you can do in the limited time you have.

Book online gold coast holiday today and go home with a barrel full of memories sure to enchant you for a lifetime.

The Best places in Australia for a weekend tour

The Best places in Australia for a weekend tour

The Best places in Australia for a weekend tour

Australia is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. From the wonders of Sydney to the remarkable Kangaroo Island and from the Great Barrier Reef Cruise to its amazingly different Lifestyle, Australia attracts tourists from across the world. No matter how many times you have been to Australia, this place will never cease to amaze you with its wonders. If you have never visited Australia, make sure to visit it at least once.


Below are some the best places in Australia for a weekend tour


Sydney Opera House

Located at the Bennelong Point, Sydney, Opera house is the first thing which comes to mind when talking about Sydney, Australia. It is a performing theatre in Sydney. Famous for its breathtaking views and stunning location, it is placed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Water surrounds this architectural icon with the Royal Botanic Gardens at its southern border, it makes you believe that it is a land of Dreams.


You can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants or take a building tour. Sydney Opera house has numerous theatres, studios, exhibition rooms, a concert hall, and cinema. Book online Sydney tour and travel package now.


The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular living structure in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was established in the year 1975, to protect the ecosystem. It is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and a place more than just a tourist attraction.


You can indulge in some of the fun activities like diving and snorkeling, that are a popular tourist attraction here. And, who can afford to miss the magical marine life package which includes hard and soft corals, a wide range of tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles and giant clams? You would love to dive in and see them all. Those who prefer to stay dry and still capture the essence of the reef can do so from glass bottom boats and underwater viewing stations.

Sydney Harbour bridge

Sydney Harbour is one of the city’s most beautiful places to visit. Renowned as one of the most popular Australian icons, it is also the largest steel Arch bridge in the world. One of the best things to do here is to spend your time viewing the mesmerizing location and relishing it in its true essence. There is a pedestrian path as well as two railway lines extending over the bridge.


The Museum in the south east Pierce is a place not worth missing. If you wish to grab a quick insight into the history of the Sydney Harbour, the museum is the place to be.


Philip Island, Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia in terms of business and population. Melbourne is a beautiful city to visit and attracts a huge number of visitors with its iconic landmarks. Philip island is one of the most embarked destinations from Melbourne. The most mesmerizing attraction here is the magical penguin parade.


Phillip Islands are considered to be a wholesome package of endless coastlines, great wildlife, and seaside villages. It is a wonderful spot to explore makes for an amazing holiday destination. Apart from the Penguin parade, it is home to migrating birds and sleepy koalas. And that is not all, there is still a lot more to be discovered apart from the diverse fauna.Best Australian holiday is guaranteed with a short visit to this nature’s wonder.


The Gold Coast

The gold coast is a one stop shop for all fun activities that will help you get the complete worth of your Australian holiday package. It features the best theme parks and ancient rainforests. The beaches here make for attractions that will not let you forget gold coast and its magnificence.


It is a home to some of the World’s most beautiful theme parks such as Dreamworld, Wet’n’wild, and Seaworld. From lovely beaches to surfing spots, to the loveliest parks to hoards of shopping, the gold coast offers everything that can be a traveler’s delight.It is definitely difficult to express the beauty of this wonder merely in words. Book the Gold Coast weekend holiday package and get ready to experience stuff that dreams are made of.


Kakadu National Park

One of the World Heritage sites, Kakadu National Park is a tourist spot that has a lot of delight to offer to all tourists and visitors.


It is the second largest National Park in the world and the largest in Australia. It boasts of Mangrove Swamps, rivers, ancient Rock paintings, monsoon rainforests and several other natural attractions. It is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife that is a bliss to experience.It is a wide ecosystem that can be accessed by car, air and also on foot via the hiking trails network. You can even choose to take a boat.


Australia offers a kaleidoscopic experience comprising of a vast variety of flora and fauna, natural wonders, man made attractions and beautiful sea life. Visit Australia today and get ready to experience some of the best attractions in the world.