Top Places to visit in Melbourne and Sydney

How much you have traveled is what determines your level of learning than your educational qualifications! Travel the world and you would know about a hundred new stories hidden behind those bars of history, mouth watery cuisines, and the colorful cultures. Do you think, you need anything more?
Well Let’s go to the second largest city in Australia this time! ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ as called during the 1850s, located on the banks of River Yarra, Melbourne is evenly steeped in history. Enjoy one of the best Australian holidays by booking a Melbourne trip online.
Victorian Architecture dominates this metropolis more today. The multicultural vibrant city holds the hidden laneways and tree-lined streets and much more.

To dive in more into the city of seasons, we list you with some top attractions:

1. Federation Square
To start the sightseeing one must visit this integral part of the city. The largest Wi-Fi site in Australia hosts more than 2000 events annually and hence it’s never void of entertainment. Central outdoor performances and intimate door venues will enthrall you for sure. Federation Square also houses the Ian Potter Gallery dedicated to Australian art.

2. Docklands:
Docklands is situated near the Melbourne Harbour. The prominent buildings were all around in that area including the Costco, Etihad stadium and the Harbour town at the waterfront city. This place is full of shopping hubs, cinemas, and boutiques.

3. Eureka Skydeck:
This is the highest building in the southern hemisphere that calls you to step onto the Edge that is a glass cube projecting three meters out from the Eureka Building.

4. Melbourne Cricket ground:
With a history dating back to 1853, MCG is the world’s greatest. The sporting capital of Australia holds the birthplace of test cricket, 2006 Commonwealths game and the home to Australia’s Rules football. Depending on the season, the visitors can catch a game of cricket or football. A tennis court too can be hired. And this is just another not to be missed attraction of Melbourne!

5. The Queen Victoria Market:
The largest open market in the city with stalls selling all kinds of food, meat, jewelry and more. The culture of the city can best be seen here.

6. The Royal Botanic Garden:
It is rated as one of the finest in the world. established in 1846, covering an area of 40 hectares with more than 50,000 plants, it is visited by 1.5 million people annually. To look more into the rich heritage of indigenous Australians one can walk onto the Aboriginal Heritage Park.

7. National Gallery of Victoria:
The Great Hall, encourages the visitors to lay on the floor and gaze at the colorfully stained glass ceiling, featuring the history of Australian art. The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin is one of the highlights here.

8. Captain Cook’s Cottage:
Brought from Captain James Cook’s native home in Yorkshire, the quaint cottage is an insight into the seafaring adventurous life of Mr. Cook. It is always filled with the floral display because James life wasn’t less colorful.

To one of the most liveable cities in the world, the above attractions are must in a visitors list!
The city tram is a free service that runs within the city passing by some major attractions.

Let’s go to the Opera House next! Here we come with the next list of attractions calling you from none other than Sydney, the oldest, biggest and the seductive land!

1. Sydney Opera House:
A UNESCO world heritage site, the star attraction, glittering harbor and the world’s greatest icon. Shaped with shells, on a land surrounded by water, snap a candid pic while gliding by a harbor cruise and take an organized tour of this magnificent structure. Guided tours are available daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge:
The ‘Coathanger’ as the locals call it, it is a landmark prior to the construction of Opera House, built in 1932. It remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Along its length runs two railway lines and eight lanes for road traffic. Pedestrians can use the walkways for a breathtaking view of the city and the harbor. Adventure lovers can book the
Sydney Bridge Climb, a 135-meter high summit.

3. The Macquarie Street:
Francis Greenway, an architect designed some of the grand public buildings in Sydney. One being commissioned by Governor Macquarie. The impressive verandas capture the dawning views of Sydney Harbour.

4. The Hyde Park:
Fig trees, swaying flowers, lush green lawns and the fountains welcomes you amid the patch of green. Named after the Hyde Park in London, this place offers you the view of Archibald Fountain, commemorating Australia’s alliance with France during WWI.

5. George Street:
The oldest street in Australia, is today one of the city’s major traffic joint. A major eloquent sight is of the Queen Victoria Building with graceful domes and high-end stores.

The Australian cities have streets and narrow lanes. For the best introduction to the sights is by the public transport. Why wait book Australian holiday package now.

To add more to your wanderlust pages, you can boom the cheapest Melbourne tour packages, save money and appreciate the colors more!

Gold Coast Casino – An Exciting Australian Holiday

Australia is one of the most traveled locations in the world, one of tourist favorites. The island of Australia abounds with natural beauty, exotic wildlife, rainforests and everything that will make you book your ticket right away. Most of the center island is famous Outback. Then there is that signature Opera House and Harbor bridge of Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. But the real attraction of Australia is its coastline and of course the beaches. Almost all of Australian population live around 50 miles of the coastline. Gold Coast is a part of the Australian coastline and without a doubt the most famous and occupied part of the coastline. If you’re planning a holiday trip to Australia you should definitely check out Gold Coast.

  1. Details on Gold Coast

Situated in the south-east corner of states of Queensland, Gold Coast is a coastal city. With state capital of Brisbane on the north and New South Wales state border to the south, Gold Coast has always been one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, especially for the surfing paradise it is. The main attraction of a gold coast weekend holiday for Australians would be the beaches and surfing in the world-renowned beach of Surfers Paradise. For the foreigners a Gold Coast weekend tour beyond the famous beaches would be the awesome culinary scene, laid-back neighborhood and of course the theme parks. The subtropical hinterland for a rainforest trip shouldn’t be missed too.

  1. How to Get There

There are direct international flights to Brisbane Airport from a lot of global hubs. It takes an hour by bus from the airport to Gold Coast. If it is your first time in Australia, you definitely should not miss Sydney, as it gives Australia its global signature. Among the available to book Sydney & gold coast tour online, best packages start at around 1,39,000 INR including airfare and meals per adult person. If you are new it is recommended you book the Sydney & gold coast holiday together in a single trip, as that’d give you the flavor of both sides of Australia.

  1. Getting Around

Gold Coast is a big city. You should know the ways to get around from one part of the city to another without getting lost. Following are a few of the available transit options:

Tram: G: Link is the simplest and most convenient way to get around in the city of Gold Coast. It connects the densely populated districts of Gold Coast. There is around 13 Km of tram line to traverse. Trams generally pass every 10 minutes, so you should be fine if you missed one. The tickets for G: Link is known as Go Cards which you can buy from every tram stop.

Car: All the attractions of Gold Coast are accessible by car rides. There are huge parking lots in the theme parks and even in the busiest streets you can find parking meters. In Surfers Paradise there are options to park for about 1 AUD per hour. Gold Coast doesn’t have as much traffic as Brisbane so you can choose to rent cars for your luxurious trip.

Bus: To get around in the Gold Coast city use Surfside Bus lines, the buses run 24 hours. The buses also use a form of Go Card which may be refilled after purchase if you want to travel more. To connect airports to accommodations there are Shuttle buses which cost around 21 AUD per person.

Bike: There is a 36 Km long path for pedestrians and bicyclists, known as the Gold Coast Oceanway. It connects Point Danger to Gold Coast Seaway, covering most of the city coastline. A lot of guides and maps are available for cyclists.

  1. Things You Should Definitely Not Miss

The city is vast in its glory. So, it can be easy to miss something spectacular. Following are few things you definitely shouldn’t miss on a gold coast weekend holiday:

Visiting the beaches: 57 Km of the Gold Coast coastline is filled with pristine white sands. Currumbin and Coolangatta beaches are one of the sheltered water beaches. If you want to experience surfing then you can try popular surfing at the Burleigh Heads or Main Beach. If you don’t know surfing but would like to get adventurous you can get surfing lessons in ‘Get Wet Surf School’ in Surfers Paradise. Just off the Main Beach lies Wave Break Island which offers diving and snorkeling, with almost 50 species of fish. Take a Queensland Scuba Diving tour to explore this colorful world.

The adrenaline rush in the theme parks: Gold Coast has world-class theme parks. Wet n Wild for the water lovers with bizarre water slides, Warner Bros Movie World for enjoying with family and friends, Dreamworld if you are seeking that adventure, with its Big 9 Thrill rides including The Buzz Saw, Tower of Terror and The Giant Drop. You can essentially get a Mega Pass if you want to experience more than one theme park.

Gold Coast Sky Dive: Become speechless or scream at your loudest, beholding the exceptionally breathtaking view of the Gold Coast while freefalling from 12,000 feet. The height allows you to gaze at the spectacular scenery of the enchanting hinterland and white beaches of Gold Coast. The drop off point is the eye-soothing Kirra beach.

Explore the hinterland: If you’re looking for something different from the excitement of the beach and smell of the sea, you should definitely visit the hinterland, with a charming mountain village and a national park. There is also the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest, Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk and spectacular waterfalls at Springbrook.

Try the local food: You should definitely try out the local foods of Gold Coast. The culinary scene is recently getting a lot interesting in Gold Coast. Try out classic Aussie breakfast at Barefood Barista at Palm beach and quench your supply of caffeine using Elk Espresso or No Name Lane in Broadbeach. Don’t forget to try the locally brewed beers of Burleigh Brewing Co.

There are just so many things to explore on the Gold Coast, that it’s beyond this article. You really shouldn’t back out from being a little adventurous and finding out things that might not have been included here. Have a spectacularly awesome holiday and enjoy Gold Coast at your heart’s content.

A Guide to Organising a Campervan Holiday in Australia for Beginners

Are you planning a new foreign trip this fall? Can’t decide the location?

Try Australia, one of the most popular destinations in the world. Australia is an incredible island, country and continent by itself. The island has abundant natural beauty, the center of the island is mostly occupied by the famous Outback. Other areas consist of rainforests, mountains, canyons etc. The Great Barrier Reef. Sydney’s Opera House and Harbor Bridge are the greatest examples of-of man-made wonders that are found here.

The Cafes of Melbourne will remind you of authentic European cafes. One can also find here world class surfing spots for the abundance of beaches makes it an ideal surfing destination. Most of the population of Australia lives around the 50 miles of coastline. The country is so vast that it is impossible to discover all of its quirks and impractical to believe it’d be possible for a few more trips.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a newbie, a campervan holiday is sure to enthrall you. Just drive your van to a destination of your choice and camp in a suitable place. Isn’t that exciting?

Below are some guidelines that can help you plan a holiday in Australia:

  1. Planning the Trip:

There are several ways to plan the trip. It takes 8-9 days to blaze through the country for a first visit. If you would like to save money and it is your first trip abroad the lowest price holiday packages would be a great option to cover the maximum and spend the least. Among the available Australia tour packages online the cheapest Australia tour package starts from nearly 1,09,000 INR per adult including up down air ticket. The package is essentially a 6 nights group tour of Melbourne and Sydney, 3 nights in each place.

However, to appreciate the glamour of the smallest continent in the world, you need to dedicate at least two weeks. One of the best Australian Holidays Packages available right now costs more than the starter deal of course owing to its length and inclusions. It is a 12-15-day package that includes daily breakfast and accommodation for 3 days in Melbourne, 3 days in Gold Coast, 3 days in Cairns and 3 days in Sydney. You may choose to customize your trip or go with a preset package based on your choice. Most other costs like surfing or some amusement park rides are to be borne by you if you wish to indulge.

You can also try the whole trip on your own. Grab your laptop or phone and book online weekend tour tickets to Australia. The other significant expenses include accommodation costs, food cost, traveling cost etc. The next section is an effort to offer a fair idea of these costs:

  1. General Costs in Australia


Accommodation cost may vary depending on what kind of places you choose for the night. Hostels are around 20 AUD or around 980 INR. If you’re looking for them in fancy coastal cities they may be a bit pricier, 80-100 AUD or 3,928-4,910 INR. Budget hotels start at around 40 AUD or 1,960 INR. Australia Tour & Travel is a flexible avenue that you can customize based on your budget. If you are a camping enthusiast it’d not burn a hole in your pocket though. It costs around 15-30 AUD or 736-1,473 INR including camping equipment like tents and other stuff.


One of the costlier things in AU is food. Restaurants generally cost a minimum of 20 AUD (980 INR) expense every time you enter. You can get fast food at around 10-15 AUD. The Indian restaurants, however can score you a good sumptuous meal for around 10 AUD. You can choose to cook for yourself by investing in grocery and staying in an accommodation option that offers cooking space. Now that is an exciting thing to do and suits the pocket as well.


Local trains in the city should cost you around 3-4 AUD. While trains are certainly cheap the best and most favored way of exploring Australia is to drive yourself. You can rent Campervans for 60 AUD for a day and you can even sleep in them in the night. Domestic flights inside AU should be avoided in general because they work out to be pretty expensive.

Activities and Sightseeing:

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef may cost you around 250 AUD. You can also take your Campervan spirit to your activities and go for walking tours which cost around 50 AUD. A trip from Alice Springs to Uluru which lasts around 3 days would cost you 500 AUD. If you choose the wineries you are likely to spend nearly 200 AUD. While this is a rough idea of expenses, the actuals are based on destination, time and your choice of mode of transportation.

  1. Things Not to Miss in Australia

Below are some amazing destinations in Australia that your campervan can take you. Trust us, it is a delightful experience that you will never forget:


Uluru is one of the most visited attractions of the country of Australia. It is known as Ayer’s Rock and is famous for the breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. It’s a wonder that a big rock can become one of the most visited tourist spots of the country just because of its weird geometrical and geographical placement.

Deep Sea Diving:

The abundance of marine life in the Great Barrier reef makes it an amazing diving destination. The diving tours generally cost around 180 AUD. You really should not miss this for anything else.

Surf on Gold Coast:

Surfing is one of the most famous water sports in Australia and Gold Coast is the best place to learn the art of surfing.

Below are some activities that you must definitely indulge in while you are in Australia:

  • Cairns trip for rainforests
  • Visiting the Wine country
  • Experience the Blue Mountains

Australia is a mesmerizing destination that has a lot in store for the enthusiastic tourists. Do not wait, book Australia tour an travel package today and get lost in the beauty of this amazing destination.