Top five cities in Australia for an unusual vacation

Australia for an unusual vacation

Australia for an unusual vacation: Australia is the only continent which is completely in the southern hemisphere. For this reason, its widely cut off from the rest of the world and is able to preserve its wonder. The best Australian holidays always have a mix of its unique topography; the outbacks combined with its highlands, amazing food culture and coastline, sandy beaches and beautiful rainforests.

Every Australian city offers a mixed bag of activities for people of varied interests and budgets. And yet, they all have something unique to offer. Here we have picked five of the best cities in Australia for an unusual vacation for you to enjoy an unusual vacation.

#1 Sydney

Sydney is a very pretty city. It features a mix of architecture, monuments, history, art, culture, and food scene like you have never experienced before. Numerous museums and amazing monuments are just a short walk away in Sydney. Walking is a great way to experience this pretty city. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is quite an architectural marvel. You can climb the bridge and while feeling accomplished, get a birds-eye view of Sydney.

Sydney Opera House is another architectural marvel and it has some really amazing art and theater up for grabs at any given time. Darling harbor is a darling attraction for everyone. It’s one of the perfect places to walk around and enjoy Australia and Sydney in particular. Sydney’s beaches are extremely popular among locals themselves for its clean waters and water sports it offers. Although they do tend to get crowded, beaches like Bondi and Congee cannot be missed.

#2 Melbourne

 Melbourne is a city in the southern state of Victoria and is gaining popularity as the food destination of the world. It’s known for its incredible produce and innovative cooking. Melbourne is lined with Michelin star restaurants to degus stations to quaint little cafes and eateries by the beachside. The options are endless. Australia is also famous for its wines. The vineyards of Victoria are world famous and we recommend you enjoy a good time with family over wine and food.

Your Melbourne tour is incomplete without doing the famous Great Ocean road trip.The Great Ocean Road is a picture perfect drive where you can take in sights of winding roads, beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs and see geological formations. This will not only make your holiday special but is light on your wallet. On a clear day, the famous twelve apostlesmakea beautiful sight.

#3 Cairns

 Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.All the Cairns holiday packages will recommend a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. This is the best place to enjoy the underwater marvels. Snorkeling and diving are on offer for those interested in taking a closer look at the amazing marine life. The colorful corals and fishes are a delight to watch.

Cairns has several rainforests. Journey into the rainforest and see a variety of rare creatures hidden in the lush green forests. You can even take a boat ride along the lagoons and enjoy the mesmerizing views and diverse plant and animal varieties.

Take leisurely walks along the Cairns Esplanade and enjoy the local café culture and the beaches.

#4 GoldCoast

 Gold Coast is a metropolitan city in Brisbane. Take a Gold Coast weekend holiday and enjoy its sandy beaches, surf spots, and amusement parks. A visit to the amusement and theme park is a must when you’re in Gold Coast. They have several rides from hair-raising adventure to magical themes. The amusement parks are perfect for a day out with friends and family, especially on a warm sunny day. The rock pools are especially famous among tourists.

You can also visit one of the wineries near Gold Coast to taste the famous Australian wines complimented with some amazing food. Brisbane also has lunch and dinner cruises, which is extremely relaxing and romantic. You will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee and good food, be it gourmet or otherwise!


Tasmania’s remote wilderness is so untouched that it’s the perfect place for an unusual holiday. Lace up your hiking boots and explore Cradle Mountain. There are some easy trails which you can explore and see the silhouette of Cradle Mountain and its mirror image in the Dove lake. There are several gorges and valleys which you can drive through and experience. The art and culture scene is very vibrant as well.

The range of experience these locations offer, from sparkling beaches to serene lush green rain forests to intense adventures, is not something you can experience anywhere else.  Anyone and everyone who travels to Australia will always have tons of experiences or stories to share. So write your own story by enjoying the sun, the crystal waters, the beaches, the rides and the restaurant scene.

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