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How  To Plan The Best Honeymoon In Australia

Make your honeymoon In Australia because Australia is the largest island nation in the world located at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean offering a myriad of landscapes, luxuriant rainforests, gorgeous mountain ranges, captivating desert, and pristine sea beaches.

For the newlywed couples who like to walk hand in hand on the wide beaches that stretch as far as the horizon and get drowned into the dazzling sunset to the couples who prefer to get buried into the rumpus of big captivating cities, Australia has it all.

Every region in Australia has that distinct charm and flavor that makes traveling through the country romantic, delightful and revitalizing. From intimate candlelight dinner under the swaying palm trees in the serene sea beaches to cuddling up together in the mountains, from private hot air balloons to gorgeous coral reefs, Australia is a matchless destination to plan the best honeymoon.

Log in today to book the best Australian holiday and get lost with your loved ones. With the varied choices available for the honeymooners in Australia let us see how to plan the best one.

The Whitsundays

For the couples who have dreamed of a picturesque honeymoon with just the two of them hand in hand under the sky on the sparsely populated island, their feet immersed in the turquoise water shadowed by the rocking palm trees, Whitsundays island is the perfect location.Whitsundays consist of 74 islands out of which only eight are inhabited providing the love birds with the retreat they desire for.

The couples can start off the day by exhilarating water sports like scuba diving to snorkeling and conclude it with the most romantic and private candle light dinner by the beachside with the soft breeze making it hard for them not to swoon into the loved one’s arms.


Queensland is the state of panoramic views that range from sunny tropical coastal areas, rich rainforests to dry inland areas and pleasant mountain ranges.

Queensland includes the popular city of Cairns also known as “Gateway to the Barrier Reef” where the tranquility loving honeymooners can enjoy a relaxing boat ride to the reef and discover all types of corals in the kaleidoscope of different colors providing the breathtaking view to them.

For the adventure loving honeymooners, Queensland provides the Gold Coast also referred to as “Australia’s Theme Park Capital” with five major amusement parks where couples can go for intoxicating skydiving experience to the hair raising roller coaster rides.

They can also enjoy the pleasant hot air balloon ride off the Gold coast and lose themselves in the divine beauty of landscapes.

New South Wales

For the couples whose idea of a perfect honeymoon is to cuddle up in the cozy cottages warmed by the heat of Bon fires amidst the gorgeous mountains and snow filled valleys, New South Wales is a perfect destination.

New South Wales offers the gorgeous mountain range known as “The Blue Mountain” which is just perfect to be visited at any time of the year.The summers are cool there, autumn is romantic with orange leaves crunching under the feet and winters are cold and cozy.

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is the oldest wine making region in Australia where the famous Penfolds Grange Hermitage was blended.The couples can enjoy a rustic atmosphere of the valley and unwind themselves with the delicious gourmet food, music and local festivals there.


Melbourne is a very vibrant and magnanimous city recognized for its mix of modern architecture, Victorian buildings and skyscrapers.It is filled with artfully contrived yet picturesque cafes and restaurants which give the Victorian aura to the honeymooners.

Melbourne provides the honeymooners with an exotic and extravagant option to spend a day under the stars with a movie screening, champagne in hands and great food to indulge in.

It is a perfect honeymoon destination amidst its bustling crowd with a hot cup of coffee in hand and a romantic stroll with the love of your life.


Sydney is a metropolitan city which surrounds the world’s largest natural Harbour.Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city, the honeymooners can create unforgettable romantic memories around Sydney’s beautiful Harbour, OperaHouse, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.They can also create the magical moment by taking a cruise on the Harbour and feel the sea air kiss them.

Book your Sydney tour package from India and experience the beauty of the smallest yet mesmerizing continent.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of the most popular tourist spot visited by almost 140,000 visitors every year.

This island is the sanctuary for wildlife and natural beauty where one can find high cliffs, huge sand dunes, hill caves and widely spread sea beaches.

For the honeymooners, no sight can be as romantic to witness Australian sea lions basking on the beaches and koalas dozing off on the tree tops.

Australia is an iconic destination which provides honeymooners with a variety of options for the best honeymoon. From the mesmerizing sea beaches to vivid landscapes, from dazzling cities and indigenous people to beautiful wildlife, Australia has everything to offer which can make the trip for honeymooners feel alive, intimate and tranquil. You can make your Sydney tour and trip package booking online and keep it as a base to explore Australia to its full potential.

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