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How to enjoy your Cairns holiday tour around Australia

Cairns holiday tour, a gateway to the Daintree rainforests, Port Douglas, and Great barrier reef, is one of the most interesting zones for tourists visiting Australia for their vacations. Cairns boasts vibrancy and modernization and is also perfect for people who are interested in exploring the tropical areas.  According to a study in Australia, Cairns is the fourth most coveted place to visit by tourists after Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Located near the Queensland Tropics and Great barrier reef, Cairns is a popular getaway for all the nature lovers. Whether it be Harbor cruises, Trekking in Rainforests, Reef tours or Wildlife, Cairns has a lot to offer for the people who are on the lookout for natural beauty and like to spend their vacations surrounded by natural resources.

Cairns holiday tour offers a variety of attractions for the tourists and ensures some of the best experiences and memories.Below are some of the best places one can choose to visit during the Cairns holidays.

  • Daintree Rainforests
  • Cairns Reef
  • KurandaMountain Range
  • Atherton Tablelands
  • Green Islands

These destinations are some of the most scenic beauties present in Australia and around the world and make up for a vacation that guarantees memories to last a life time. They have a lot of pleasurable activities to offer to the tourists including walking into peaceful rainforests, enjoying a boat trip in transparent waters or enjoying a panoramic view of nature in Kuranda region. The Cairns region is also known for the availability of a host of adventure activities such as Snorkelling, Boating, Para gliding, Scuba Diving, Hiking Rainforests and the like. It is thus an ideal place for adventure lovers to indulge in adventure amidst the scintillating scenery. Book online Sydney tour packages and choose to travel to Cairns for a lovely experience.

Below are some popular Cairns holiday tour activities that tourists can take up to enjoy their Cairns vacation:

  • Reef Tours InCairns: Great Barrier reef of Australia is one of the best coral reef systems in the world. It is also known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. There are Glass Boat tours available for tourists. They can also take a package which includes Shuttle bus transfers from the city, Glass boat tour, Scuba diving, and snorkeling at a very nominal cost. These boats ferry tourists to the safe locations for these adventure sports, and some of them also include lunch and dinner in the package. It is said that no holiday to Australia is complete if one has not visited the great barrier
  • Kuranda Region Tours: Kuranda tours are bliss for every nature lover’s soul. The best Australian holidays invariably include this natural delight.The best way advisable to enjoy the Kuranda tour is to combine this day tour with one way Scenic Rail trip which will take you through tunnels carved out of granite mountains and rainforests. You can use the Skyrail Gondola ride to come back as it is the best way which provides the most beautiful views of the natural beauty of Australia making this tour enjoyable for the entire family. Tourists can also visit the beautiful butterfly sanctuary and Koala gardens situated in Kuranda Village.
  • DaintreeRainforests: Daintree Rainforests are one of the oldest rainforests in the world. TheDaintree Rainforests coastline is full of breath taking scenic views and the day tours include river boat cruises down the river line guided by an experienced naturalist guide to see the snakes, crocodiles, a butterfly sanctuary and many other species. One can witness amazing Australia wildlife through safaris and even feed kangaroos. You can also take a natural Broadway rainforest walk or hike to enjoy the nature at its best.
  • Atherton Tablelands: Situated in the south of Cairns, AthertonTablelands consist of waterfalls and water holes which are perfect for spending a day swimming in the natural cool waters of these water holes. This destination is enjoyed greatly by adults and kids alike for its peaceful surroundings and friendly atmosphere.Atherton Tablelands is a great destination that you must visit for mesmerizing views and unlimited fun.
  • Green Islands: Green islands are situated approximately 17 miles east of Cairns and are truly believed to be a paradise. they are abundant in unique sea creatures and house an extremely colorful coral They also have a white sand beach. Tourists can reach there by ferry or glass bottomed boats and relish the sea diversity.Tour Guides also provides a snorkeling demos, and people who don’t know about this sport can also do it with the help of a guide. This place is ideal for tourists who want to spend their day Sightseeing, Snorkelling or just relaxing.

 For the people who love to have a peaceful holiday mixed with some adventures, Gold Coast – Cairns is an ideal place to visit as it offers a mixed bag of scintillating experiences by virtue of rich flora and fauna diversity, scenic beauty and adventure sports. The serenity of the place will leave you awestruck and you are sure to remember the trip forever. Book Sydney and Cairns holiday package and get ready to enjoy Australian wonders at their best.

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