Gold Coast Casino – An Exciting Australian Holiday

Australia is one of the most traveled locations in the world, one of tourist favorites. The island of Australia abounds with natural beauty, exotic wildlife, rainforests and everything that will make you book your ticket right away. Most of the center island is famous Outback. Then there is that signature Opera House and Harbor bridge of Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. But the real attraction of Australia is its coastline and of course the beaches. Almost all of Australian population live around 50 miles of the coastline. Gold Coast is a part of the Australian coastline and without a doubt the most famous and occupied part of the coastline. If you’re planning a holiday trip to Australia you should definitely check out Gold Coast.

  1. Details on Gold Coast

Situated in the south-east corner of states of Queensland, Gold Coast is a coastal city. With state capital of Brisbane on the north and New South Wales state border to the south, Gold Coast has always been one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, especially for the surfing paradise it is. The main attraction of a gold coast weekend holiday for Australians would be the beaches and surfing in the world-renowned beach of Surfers Paradise. For the foreigners a Gold Coast weekend tour beyond the famous beaches would be the awesome culinary scene, laid-back neighborhood and of course the theme parks. The subtropical hinterland for a rainforest trip shouldn’t be missed too.

  1. How to Get There

There are direct international flights to Brisbane Airport from a lot of global hubs. It takes an hour by bus from the airport to Gold Coast. If it is your first time in Australia, you definitely should not miss Sydney, as it gives Australia its global signature. Among the available to book Sydney & gold coast tour online, best packages start at around 1,39,000 INR including airfare and meals per adult person. If you are new it is recommended you book the Sydney & gold coast holiday together in a single trip, as that’d give you the flavor of both sides of Australia.

  1. Getting Around

Gold Coast is a big city. You should know the ways to get around from one part of the city to another without getting lost. Following are a few of the available transit options:

Tram: G: Link is the simplest and most convenient way to get around in the city of Gold Coast. It connects the densely populated districts of Gold Coast. There is around 13 Km of tram line to traverse. Trams generally pass every 10 minutes, so you should be fine if you missed one. The tickets for G: Link is known as Go Cards which you can buy from every tram stop.

Car: All the attractions of Gold Coast are accessible by car rides. There are huge parking lots in the theme parks and even in the busiest streets you can find parking meters. In Surfers Paradise there are options to park for about 1 AUD per hour. Gold Coast doesn’t have as much traffic as Brisbane so you can choose to rent cars for your luxurious trip.

Bus: To get around in the Gold Coast city use Surfside Bus lines, the buses run 24 hours. The buses also use a form of Go Card which may be refilled after purchase if you want to travel more. To connect airports to accommodations there are Shuttle buses which cost around 21 AUD per person.

Bike: There is a 36 Km long path for pedestrians and bicyclists, known as the Gold Coast Oceanway. It connects Point Danger to Gold Coast Seaway, covering most of the city coastline. A lot of guides and maps are available for cyclists.

  1. Things You Should Definitely Not Miss

The city is vast in its glory. So, it can be easy to miss something spectacular. Following are few things you definitely shouldn’t miss on a gold coast weekend holiday:

Visiting the beaches: 57 Km of the Gold Coast coastline is filled with pristine white sands. Currumbin and Coolangatta beaches are one of the sheltered water beaches. If you want to experience surfing then you can try popular surfing at the Burleigh Heads or Main Beach. If you don’t know surfing but would like to get adventurous you can get surfing lessons in ‘Get Wet Surf School’ in Surfers Paradise. Just off the Main Beach lies Wave Break Island which offers diving and snorkeling, with almost 50 species of fish. Take a Queensland Scuba Diving tour to explore this colorful world.

The adrenaline rush in the theme parks: Gold Coast has world-class theme parks. Wet n Wild for the water lovers with bizarre water slides, Warner Bros Movie World for enjoying with family and friends, Dreamworld if you are seeking that adventure, with its Big 9 Thrill rides including The Buzz Saw, Tower of Terror and The Giant Drop. You can essentially get a Mega Pass if you want to experience more than one theme park.

Gold Coast Sky Dive: Become speechless or scream at your loudest, beholding the exceptionally breathtaking view of the Gold Coast while freefalling from 12,000 feet. The height allows you to gaze at the spectacular scenery of the enchanting hinterland and white beaches of Gold Coast. The drop off point is the eye-soothing Kirra beach.

Explore the hinterland: If you’re looking for something different from the excitement of the beach and smell of the sea, you should definitely visit the hinterland, with a charming mountain village and a national park. There is also the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest, Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk and spectacular waterfalls at Springbrook.

Try the local food: You should definitely try out the local foods of Gold Coast. The culinary scene is recently getting a lot interesting in Gold Coast. Try out classic Aussie breakfast at Barefood Barista at Palm beach and quench your supply of caffeine using Elk Espresso or No Name Lane in Broadbeach. Don’t forget to try the locally brewed beers of Burleigh Brewing Co.

There are just so many things to explore on the Gold Coast, that it’s beyond this article. You really shouldn’t back out from being a little adventurous and finding out things that might not have been included here. Have a spectacularly awesome holiday and enjoy Gold Coast at your heart’s content.

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