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Top 5 things to do on a Melbourne weekend tour in Australia

A vacation to Australia is incomplete without a visit to the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne weekend tour. It is likely that you already have it on your list as you plan a holiday to one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. Melbourne has something for everyone, from promising shopping sprees to lush and sprawling gardens to diverse wildlife. The historical remains add to the significance of this metropolitan city that boasts of modernity and panache. The modernization that can be attributed to Victorian architecture and numerous buildings by virtue of riches from surrounding goldfields.

Also called as the city for all seasons, Melbourne offers the opportunity to explore its hidden laneways and streets. An amalgamation of cultures, it exudes vibrancy and elegance at the first look and goes on to unfold numerous other dimensions of its beauty as you delve deeper.

While even a lot of time is not enough to experience every nook and cranny of the beautiful city, a weekend tour can still offer a great experience of the offerings of this amazing place. There are a bunch of activities that can be taken up on your visit, below are the top 5 that will leave you spellbound:

The sprawling botanical gardens

The Melbourne botanical gardens are a feast for the soul with their refreshing greenery and relieving location away from the hustle bustle of the city. They are located at the edge of the central business district thereby offering an opportunity to office employees to indulge in a jog around the garden. Great for a picnic, they are a refreshing place to visit on your weekend trip to Melbourne.

An abundance in the variety of plants divided into special segments offer the much-deserved respite from the bland city life and comes as a whiff of fresh air that is sure to enchant you for a long time after the trip. The sections such as the Australian forest walk, the arid garden, the tropical glasshouse contain beautiful shrubs and flowers.

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Steal a bargain at the Queen Victoria market

Every holiday seems incomplete without some good shopping. Whether you want to satiate your shopper cravings or looking for utility stuff to pack for a picnic, the queen Victoria market in Melbourne has it all for you.

Your friends and family will be elated to receive lovely souvenirs that you buy at thrifty prices here. Fruits and vegetables, gourmet food and clothes, everything available here make for a delightful experience for a shopper’s appetite. The stalls and shops abound with Australian keepsakes than you can carry along as your memoirs from the trip. The Market has offerings to suit all budgets.

Don’t let hunger come in the way of splurging your heart out for QueenVic has ample delicious options for lunch. A food court with a plethora of cuisine options makes for a great place to fill the job while on the go. 

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Visit the Melbourne cricket ground to delight the sports fan in you

All sports fan must visit the birthplace of Test cricket. Deemed as one of the greatest sporting grounds in the world, this sporting arena offers an instant sense of pride thinking about numerous dreams that are realized here.

There is an opportunity to explore this historic venue at all times of the year. You can visit the special rooms as well as a part of your trip. Lucky visitors also get to visit the changing rooms. If you are enthusiastic about cricket as a game, the Cricket Victoria Bill Lawry Centre and the MCC Library are sure to make your visit to the MCG worthwhile.

The Puffing Billy train journey

Whether it is history that excites you or engineering or a simple train journey, Puffing Billy is going to amaze you beyond doubts. Kids will be excited to ride their own Thomas the tank engine. Counted amongst the best-preserved steam railways across the world, this almost a century old steam train runs through the magnificent scenery of the Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Gembrook.

 A full day trip from Melbourne, your journey through mountains and lush forests will leave your awestruck with drool worthy views of nature at its best. The final destination at the historic town of Gembrook offers other pleasures such as street wandering, food binging and grabbing souvenirs before embarking on the journey back.

Prepare to get mesmerized by the Mornington Peninsula

You may choose to spend a lazy weekend or choose to hike in the hinterlands. The MorningtonPeninsula is one of the best day trips from Melbourne. Kids will have a ball at the Ashcombe or while picking berries. The wine connoisseurs can have a great time with some gourmet lunch and good wine. Long sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters assure unlimited fun.

A dinner along the Southbank promenade or a good meal on the Colonial Tramcar, whatever you choose, Melbourne has it all to keep you happy high. And this is not all, there are a couple of other recreational activities to choose from and beautiful small towns nearby to visit. While a weekend isn’t enough for this lovely place, there is a lot you can do in the limited time you have.

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