Gold Coast & Cairns will be the best Australian Cairns tour

 The best Australian Cairns tour

The best Australian Cairns tour  Australia is one of the most unique and exotic countries you can ever travel to. It’s a well-developed country, yet so remote and so centered in its approach to preserving nature, culture, and heritage.  If you’re planning an Australia trip, the first destination to add to your list is Cairns. You can pick from the many online best Australian Cairns tour, which is available.

Everyone who has ever heard of Australia has certainly heard of the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is synonymous with the Great Barrier Reef and is located in North Queensland. A trip to Cairns means not missing Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a metropolitan city in Brisbane known for its sandy beaches, surfing, and amusement parks.

There are several daily flight options available between Gold Coast and Cairns at reasonable costs. Sydney-Gold Coast- Cairns is usually part of the cheap holiday destinations of Australia packages, which you will find online. 

Great Barrier Reef

There is so much mysticism around the world’s largest reef. The reef is a UNESCO protected site and has an abundant marine life. Take a cruise or a scenic flight to discover the amazing underwater world or to get a birds-eye view of the land below.You may even be lucky to spot some dolphins.

For the adventure seekers, this is the best place to go for your first scuba dive or snorkel. Even if you’re not a first timer, divers from all over the world come to see the underwater beauties this place has to offer.  Cairns has something for everyone, from day tours to overnight island getaways.

If you’re not into adventure, the semi-submersible boat ride is also a good way to see the underwater world. If you push yourself to go snorkeling or diving, you will see colorful corals and an abundant marine life. This will certainly enthrall you and leave you asking for more. For hard-core divers, there are several liveaboards to pick from.


 Cairns has several renowned rainforests like the Daintree rainforest. Daintree is the largest continuous rainforest on earth and is ancient! The best Australian Cairns tour will take you into the rainforests where you can experience nature up close and personal. You will also see a variety of rare creatures hidden in these forests. The rainforests also meet the reef! Take the cable car ride to see the beautiful contrast of the blue waters, light brown sand, and greenery of the forests.  There are several other rainforests to choose from as well. Depending on which one you pick, you can enjoy the scenic cable car or a trek or cycling trails. You can even take a boat ride along the lagoons and enjoy the serenity as you watch interesting flora and fauna.A hot air balloon above the Atherton Tablelands with its farmlands, rivers, and forests is a must do the activity. If you’re a romantic, plan an evening ride to watch the golden sunrise.  The highlands of Cairns are perched about 1000 m above the Great Barrier Reef and is perfect for self-drive tours.For the extreme thrill seekers, white-water rafting the rapids of Barron Gorge is an exhilarating experience.

Cafés and Food culture

 Both Cairns and Gold Coast have an awesome café culture and those who love coffee will find several trendy or quaint little joints as per your taste and budget. A walk along the Cairns Esplanade is quite enjoyable and so is hanging out at some of the beachside cafes or restaurants in Gold Coast. No Australian trip is complete without tasting its famous wines. You can visit one of the wineries near Gold Coast to enjoy wine complimented with some amazing food. While at Gold Coast, take the Brisbane lunch or dinner cruises. They are quite relaxing and romantic. You will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee and good food, be it gourmet or otherwise!

Amusement and Theme Parks

 A visit to an amusement and theme park is an experience not to be missed when you’re in Gold Coast. The endless water rides; exhilarating and fantasy adventures will give you a hair-raising adventure. On a clear warm day, there’s nothing like enjoying some quality time with family and friends.All the amusement parks are all safe and extremely clean. The rock pools of Gold Coast are quite famous among tourists.

The range of experiences that these two locations offer is not something you can experience anywhere else.Gold Coast and Cairns will leave you enthralled with its beauty. The fact that Australia’s east coast is lined with the Great Barrier Reefmakesthesetwo location very special. With clear waters, sandy beaches, and a picturesque coastline, what more can one ask for? So whether you are in Cairns or Gold Coast, soak in the sun, enjoy the sparkling waters, take a dip in the beach and enjoy the hip bars and restaurant scene. Take leisurely walks along the beach, watch sunsets with your loved ones and let the world go by.  This vacation will no doubt leave you mesmerized and make you want to return over and over again. The best Australian Cairns tour will always include Gold Coast as part of it and rightly so.  Combining these two cities is a heady mix of grandeur, adventure, fun, and relaxation.

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